Forum Academy opened in February, 2014, to provide increased educational opportunities to students of academic excellence from Coclé Province, Panama. Forum Academy offers a three-year program devoted to fulfilling the Panamanian Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) requirements for high school graduation. In 2015, Forum Academy became the country’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) World School operating outside of Panama City, and has since graduated two classes from its IB Diploma Program, often considered the international gold standard for high school education.


The mission of Forum Academy is to offer greater educational opportunities to students of excellence in Coclé Province.

We place an emphasis on a preparatory education following the Bachelor of Sciences curriculum enforced by the Panamanian Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) as well as on the arts. The Academy seeks to develop the minds and characters of our students by satisfying their diverse talents, interests, and needs with a team of teachers committed to community and academic integrity.

The Academy promotes critical thinking and reflection, an open and global mindset, and an appreciation and excitement for learning through a robust and varied extracurricular program.



Differences in the cognitive performance of toddlers, elementary and middle school students, and college-bound seniors tend to follow income and/or poverty status. These differences are further revealed in the increasing stratification of college attendance and graduation. Educational inequalities limit economic and social mobility as well as perpetuate the opportunity gap between rich and poor. Access to high school education for students from Coclé is difficult as schools are few, transportation is costly, and dormitories are frequently unavailable. Forum Academy exists to bring equality to education.

Forum Academy is dedicated to academic excellence and community values. Its curriculum and co-curricular programs prepare students for lives of active learning, fulfilling work, personal growth, and service to society.

Forum Academy’s community of students, teachers, volunteers, and leaders is devoted to the advancement of knowledge and the production of effective scholars. The hallmarks of a Forum Academy education are problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, creativity and self-expression, and independent inquiry and the free exchange of ideas.



The vision of the Forum Academy is to form a community that collaborates to break the circle of poverty in the mountainous area of ​​Coclé through free education for students whose merits demonstrate that they are prepared to receive rigorous instruction and a high-quality education. The priority of our curriculum is to support and develop each individual.